Casino games having different rules in Europe and America

Casinos were very popular in the USA and Europe and it spread more with the advent of the Internet and the Smartphone in various nations. People find playing games through a Smartphone in their hands to be more interesting and hence the popularity of the online casinos started increasing over the past few years. To keep up with this trend, many online casinos have come up in the market. They give many lucrative offers to woo more gamers and also try to hold back the existing ones. One should be careful of all these as not all of them are honest and in many cases, it has been found the owners vanishing away with the gamers money.

Under such circumstances, it is always safe to read a few reviews of different casino websites and see which one is suitable for you. You must also see that their terms and conditions must also match your requirements. If you go to the review website of Silentbet and have a look at the in-depth analysis of Leo Vegas, you can read and see how good it is for playing the games. You should always see that your money is in safe hands.

But you will be surprised to know there are some casino games whose rules of playing are different in America and Europe. Before the invention and spreading of the Internet, people used to go to the local land-based casinos to satisfy their gambling desire. Hence they were aware of the local rules of the games which were in vogue in those continents and were not aware of what was happening in other countries or continents. A strange fact is that despite the shift to the Internet platform, rules of playing the games have remained the same when they were played in land-based casinos a long time back.


The most well-known game where two versions exist is the roulette. One version is known as the American roulette and the other one is known as the European roulette. This particular game started in Europe with 00 and 0 on the wheel and the exact version was taken to America. This led to the rise in conflict and as a result of this, the brick and mortar stores in Europe eliminated 00 from their wheel. But the gaming market in America is less competitive and they decided to keep 00 in their version of the wheel. So, the roulette wheel with 0 is known as the European roulette and the one with 0 and 00 is considered as American roulette.


Blackjack is another game that is played in two different manners in the European and American land-based casinos. There is also some confusion about the American version as it has also got a small difference in the blackjack game being played in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The version which follows the Atlantic City rules is known as Atlantic City blackjack and the one following the Vegas City is known as the Vegas Strip blackjack. The basic treatment between these two versions is related to the treatment of the hole card. When you play the American version, the dealer will have to deal with the 2nd card with face down and in the case of the European version, the player only needs to expose the hole card after he makes the move. It means if a player places doubles or splits and only after that he has the knowledge that the dealer is having a blackjack, then they are going to lose the additional wager placed. But in American blackjack, this is not the case. Hence it is much better to play the American blackjack as the winning chances are more.

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