A look in to Pre-Flop Strategy in Poker

To play well in poker, you need to have a good pre flop strategy.  This will help you to make the best decision even before you go on to play the game. What many amateurs decide to do, which damages their chances of winning is simply playing too many hands at once.  For expert players, the ideal number of people to see each flop should be about 2 or 3 people maximum per hand.

To play the best pre flop strategy, you should firstly determine how strong or weak your hand of cards is.  You need to familiarize yourself firstly with the following points:

The dealer can see the last person to bet in the pre flop and this is called the button.The person sat 2 seats at the dealer’s left hand side is the person who places the last pre flop bet and they are the big blind. Beside the big blind to the right is the small blind.

On the other side of the big blind is the player who is the first to make a bet so they are called Under The Gun. If you are the UTG player, or one of the two directly to the left of the UTG player, then you are in an early position and can play 10 different hands.

If you are one of the next 4 players, then you are in a MID position and you can play 35 different hands. If you are any of the last three players, including the big blind player or the small blind, then you can play 27 different hands.

The dealer ends up being the final better at the end of the first round which means that your position will rotate around the table by one position.  Make sure that you remember this in order to keep track of the other player’s moves. Last but not the least, even if you think that you are good at poker, you should always use an effective money management strategy so that you don’t lose all your money in one go, and you should be sensible about when you should walk away.  It is rather pointless if you win lots of money and then put it straight back into poker and lose it all. If you keep all these tips and points in mind then you can expect better results in future hands

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