Highest Online Roulette jackpots

If you enjoy playing online casino games, then you have probably come across roulette games before.  These games are fun to play and can be very addictive.  If you like to take risks and have the chance of winning big money prizes, then roulette is certainly the game for you.

You can find however that some of the sites that you can play roulette on pay out higher jackpots than others.  Whilst it is fun enough sometimes to just play with the chance of winning, playing on the sites with the highest online roulette jackpots is something that is more than a little exhilarating.  If you are lucky enough to win one of these highest online roulette jackpots, then you will probably be able to afford to retire, pay off any debts that you may have and live a life of luxury for the rest of your life!  Sounds good?  Then read on to find out which are the highest online roulette jackpots around.

The roulette royale jackpot currently stands at over $210,000.  This is a remarkably high jackpot, and is of course a life-changing sum of money.  The site is fun and easy to sign up to, although you should be prepared to download the micro gaming program in order to be able to play it.  The jackpot on this roulette game is constantly growing, and in the past, over $750,000 in one single jackpot has been paid out to the game’s luckiest player.

If you have every played on the 888 casino site, you will be aware of the professional layout and the great games on this site.  You can play cheaply with some generous deposit match bonuses, as well as being able to take advantage of some of the highest online roulette jackpots around.  888 roulette is fun to play and you can join in with other players from around the world.  You might be better sticking to the safer bets if you are new to the game, for example betting for red or black, odd or even, rather than choosing a particular number.  If you have guts and nerves of steel however, you should take the plunge and bet on one of the riskier options.  You can have a chance of winning the jackpot, which will be very exciting, and you could be the proud winner of hundreds of thousands of dollars using 888 casino.

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