Exploring The Future of Slot Machines

Over the past decade, and especially in recent years, things have changed in the casino world. Places like Las Vegas and Macau have steadily been losing business to the new leaders in the industry, online casinos. Now, they are in greater need than ever to find ways to attract customers.

Fortunately, though casino attendance has decreased, the rapid pace of technology hasn’t. Every year,exciting new casino games and tech is being introduced at expos, and onto casino floors. Some of the most impressive new tech is focused on slot machines.

Here’s a look at new types of slot machines, and features, being released, and what to expect in the near future.

4D Slots

3D slot machines have had an interesting update. Becoming popular over recent years, 3D slots have a special 3D screen. It is designed so that the images displayed on the screen jump out at you as you play, and without any need for 3D glasses.

With the new 4D slot machines, not only are the images three dimensional, but there is also an added dimension of “touch” and “sensation”. The seat occasionally rumbles, and floating 3D objects and virtual buttons have an actual perceptible “feel” to them when touched.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition isa new feature being introduced into slot machines, designed to eventually replace physical player cards altogether. Playersregistered for this feature will be able to receive offers, and rack up points and rewards, simply by playing the game. There’s no longerthe need to carry a card or worry about it being lost or stolen.

Quality & Comfort

The newest slot machines are steadily getting moreimpressive, with high resolution curved screens, andultra comfortable ergonomically designed chairs. Some include handy cup holders on their armrests, and extended panelsgive the player easy control of the game. USB slots for charging mobile phones are also a commonly included new feature.

New Payment Methods

The days many casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere are moving towards a “cashless” digital money system. Soon, all you will need is your mobile phone to buy chips for playing slots and other casino games. Using digital currency has various benefits for casinos and customers. Casinos can reduce instances of fraud and money-theft, and customers can have convenience and access, eliminating the need for cards and ATM fees.

Skill-based Slots

Known for being a game of chance, new skill-based slot games, however, have become increasingly popular in recent years. While keeping the same basic design of older slots, and largely still relying on chance, the new added mini games require a certain element of skill. This,in turn, potentially allows for bigger wins.

The latest skill-based slots are more fun and engaging than ever before, featuring the latest in cutting-edge graphics and game design.


Slot machines have come a long way since the old one-armed bandits that didn’t even include seats. Just look at the games available at Lucky Creek Casino to see how far we’ve come! As we head into the future, casinos will likely be offering ever more exciting forms of gambling entertainment, and as usual, the ever-popular slot machine leading the way.

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