Biggest Roulette Wins In Recent Times

Casinos have always been an area of the gambling industry that can produce some of the biggest wins compared to other games in the industry. One of the most lucrative casino games has been roulette due to a number of factors, mainly down to the multiple different avenues in which roulette offers for gamblers to be able to win and so below we thought we’d look at some of the biggest roulette wins in recent times.

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First of all, looking at the boss of the Arcadia group Sir Phillip Green who owns a host of different high-street retail companies and due to this was able to gamble a lot of his money without worrying that he won’t be able to put food on the table the next day. Green was known to be a huge blackjack player, but once migrated over to roulette world back in 2004 in London where he cashed over £2 million at the Las Ambassadeurs casino and became one of the biggest roulette winners in history.

Another huge win comes from Pedro Grendene Bartelle who won one of the most astounding amounts of money back in 2017. Bartelle is the owner of a huge footwear company in Latin-America and again has a huge wealth in which he won’t be worried about losing too much. If you are looking for an online casino of your own to try and produce a big profit from, you can check out online casino on this list which are offering some of the best roulette games online as well as a host of enticing offers for all new customers signing up now. When he arrived at the roulette table in 2017, he was placing £35,000 on single numbers at the odds of 36/1 to try and make himself a million and that certainly happened when it landed on number 32 and he walked away with $3.5 million that day.

There is a trend here which involves rich businessmen who are using their disposable income to attempt to create more money for their wealth. Mike Ashley, the billionaire entrepreneur who owns Newcastle United continues this trend of businessmen creating big profits from the roulette wheel. Mike Ashley is a known gambler and uses a strategy called the ‘complete bet’ which includes all splits, corners, streets and six-line bets that include the number 17. Ashley was able to turn a revenue of £1.3 million from this one sitting, with a profit of around £820,000 and although that might sound like a lot of money to us, it’s simply pocket change to this type of businessmen.

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